Gear up for change Kyle and Buda!

If two trains departed two different stations at the same time; one traveling northbound from San Marcos, near the campus of Texas State and the other headed southbound from Southpark Meadows in Austin, each of them traveling at 55 miles per hour, where will they meet?  I never did well with word problems in school, but what better way to explain the answer to that exact location that has been on the mind’s of business owners, investors, city council member’s and residents for quite some time.  I named a random rate of travel and I also didn’t take into account the content of those trains, whether there were passengers or cargo on board, but yes folks, you guessed it.  Hold on tight, that place is right here, smack dab where we live, work and love.

Movie-Theater-ART_Page_2-FOR-WEB-300x165According to an article on, Kyle Texas being deemed by some as “the middle of the booming IH-35 corridor” will soon surpass the population of San Marcos putting it on an even larger map.  With an approved $45.1 million budget plan for this year alone and negotiations in the beginning stages for an multi-faceted entertainment complex, the city is gearing up to handle the projected 60,000 residents by the year 2020, nearly double what it is today.  Austin is knocking at the front door in Buda as well, soon each city could very likely spill into the other.  It certainly appears we are about to see an unprecedented economic growth in  our area and we are certainly up for the challenge!  Expansions, detours, construction zones and widening of ACC-Hays-Campus-300x127feeder roads are telltale signs of an expected population explosion, and we see the orange cones all around us.  The completion of the Hays Campus of Austin Community College will draw even more business here, catering to a younger clientele.

Rated the #1 “Hot U.S. City That Offers Both Jobs and Culture”, and a hop skip and a jump to our north, Austin has become a mecca for entrepreneurs and business development both old and new. Screen-shot-2013-08-06-at-9.46.14-AM-300x249 When Austin suffered from a rough economy in the early 2000’s, former Mayor Wynn had one thing on his mind. “Lure 25-year-olds, and the jobs will follow them.” He thought outside the box, threw a whole bunch of ideas against a wall, and hoped one of them would stick, and boy how it did!  I placed a call to the Hays County motor vehicles division to find out exactly how many out of state vehicles are registered in Hays County per week, and I am anxiously awaiting a call back to compare those from just a few years ago, no doubt the number has increased significantly.  With prices sky-rocketing just north of us, where else do you think people will look?  Just a bit further south (and a tad bit less weird) the Kyle and Buda areas are already on the radar for businesses and residents in other states hit hard by the recession (I was one of them).  Dusting myself off and grabbing my boot straps, east I headed, just as so many others are doing.  Soon our community will be flourishing and local businesses can only benefit from it; this growth is inevitable. An environment has been created where people are more willing to become personally invested in us and where we decided to live.  Buda and Kyle, we should be proud!  The Screen-shot-2013-08-06-at-10.25.19-AM-150x150idea of being open to new possibilities in the place we call “home” will profoundly shape us all.  Now is the time to plant your feet into your community.  The benefits of home ownership right in front of you and interest rates still extremely low, why wouldn’t you?  Or for you homeowners already in our community, why not start looking now for that 4 bedroom with a little more land you have wanted? You have been patient long enough, now is the time.  A window of opportunity open right now, don’t let it slam shut on you!  Call us today for a free market analysis to find out what your home purchase options are!  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and reach for the stars!


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